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Back in 2022, my husband Kevin, a ginger lover, craved a punchy, tasty ginger drink that he just couldn't find on the shelves. Seeing this gap, I got myself a used cold-press machine for $1500 on Craigslist and set off on an adventure of flavors with just fresh apple, ginger, lemon and acerola cherry powder (We've upgraded our machine since then!).

I experimented with 40 different recipes until I finally found the perfect blendβ€”a fiery yet sweet flavour that could stay fresh for weeks without any artificial additives. I launched it at local farmers' markets, where it quickly became a hit.

As the market season drew to a close, our loyal customers urged us to make it available year-round. So, we expanded to over 30 stores across BC. Born out of love, our Ginger Booster now continually satisfies ginger cravings throughout BC, all year round.Β Β 

Cheers to your joy & love to your heart.Β πŸ’›Β 


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