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Ginger Boosters (7 Servings, 420ml)

Ginger Boosters (7 Servings, 420ml)

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The FLAVA ginger lovers have been craving for - seriously potent and naturally sweetened. 

✓ 18g of raw, organic, cold-pressed ginger packed in each serving
✓ Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C
✓ Boost immunity and digestion.
✓ Powered by real foods only. No added water, sugars, or preservatives. 

Ingredients: apple, organic ginger, lemon, organic acerola cherry powder

Serving directions: shake the bottles gently 2-3 times. Pour 2oz (60ml) into a shot glass and enjoy the tingly, fiery sensation! Drink it straight, or mix it with a hot or cold drink. 

Storage: Keep refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 7 days.

Delivery and pick up: orders can take up to 5 calendar days as we make fresh batches upon order. Please note pick up requires scheduling as there's no store front. Pick up location is at YVR Prep (5279 Still Creek Ave  A5, Burnaby BC V5C 5V1), 
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      What's Inside


      Made with organic Peruvian ginger roots because it has a higher gingerol content, which makes it more fiery.


      Apple is the base of all GingerDog products. A secret sauce that makes GingerDog sweet without added sugars


      When life gives us lemons, we make ginger shots for you.

      Acerola Cherry Powder

      Acerola Cherry is a highly nutritious fruit that contains an extremely high amount of vitamin C — around 50-100 times more than oranges — and is high in antioxidants.